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As if the double dot bug was not enough, another variant on that flaw appeared shortly after.

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This newly found flaw would give an intruder the ability to execute scripts on the target machine. Due to the ALLNET Netprint XI that this new flaw is a variant of the double dot bug, the scripts in question could exist outside of the webroot. This attack is also structured as a URL, and is issued as follows: If this account was not present in some fashion, every visitor to the site would be required to present ALLNET Netprint XI. This would not be a very effective or efficient way to present a public website. This account and its accompanying password are created during installation. By default, this account is a member of the everyone group, and by default the everyone group has read access to everything on an NT drive.

This fact coupled with the above mentioned flaw's ability to break out of the webroot could lead to major security breaches. For a short while, it seemed that new URL related attack types seemed to pop up every week. Following the scripts flaw above was another script related bug that would allow an intruder to create a file on the target machine, and possibly execute the file after creation.

The new attack URL structure was: Soon ALLNET Netprint XI, a public release was made documenting the exact steps an intruder would take to obtain a copy of the repair SAM. The release including the above URL flaw as part of its overall attack.

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When Microsoft released Internet Information Server 3. Active server pages brought simple, dynamic webpages ALLNET Netprint XI the Microsoft world. Active Server Pages can be used in many different ways, such as database connectivity, indexing and searching documents, authentication, and simple graphics rotation for those annoying advertisement banners.


The concept of active server pages was actually pretty creative. The HTML code would ALLNET Netprint XI imbedded script code that would execute server side and produce dynamic content for the end user. With this new ALLNET Netprint XI widely available, it was not long until the first flaw was released to the public. This first flaw, dubbed the 'dot flaw', would allow an intruder to actually view the script without the server executing it.

A standard URL structure would look like this: ALLNET Netprint XI attack would display the unexecuted code in the attackers web browser. This type of information, among other things, is not something that one would want an intruder getting their hands on. When a fix was released for the dot flaw, variants of the flaw that defeated the fix were also released. Variants of this flaw continue to show up on occasion. Because all of the variants perform the same exact end results, they will not be discussed in detail.

ALLNET Netprint XI Some of the known attack URL structures are listed below: As these scripts become more and more commonplace, they will contain more and more sensitive information. These simple exploits could lead to an intruder easily gleaning sensitive information.


When it comes to gleaning information from IIS, perhaps one of the most popular and easiest of the attacks is the Index Server attack. Index Server is ALLNET Netprint XI small compact search engine module that was included with Internet Information Server version 3. This module gives webmasters the ability to provide visitors to their site with a searchable interface for searching the contents of the website.

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Although there are no inherent problems with Index Server itself, problems arise out of a ALLNET Netprint XI of education on the part of the admin or webmaster. Index Server is not difficult to understand, setup and mantain, although its use of catalogs and scopes can lead to an admin misconfiguring the permissions and searchable content.


This misconfiguration could lead to an intruder gaining access to information he would normally have a much more difficult time getting. The default URL structure for this attack would be: If this path is not a valid path, the intruder could still click on that ALLNET Netprint XI little "Search This Site" link to access the same information. Once the intruder successfully reaches the html document in question, he will be presented with a webpage containing a form field. This form field is where a ALLNET Netprint XI to your site would normally input the information he wished to search for.

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An intruder could use a filename search string such as: Keep in mind that ALLNET Netprint XI file extension is not limited to extensions that Index Server understands. If Index Server encounters a file type it does not understand, it will treat it as a binary and index the filename, extensions, date, and other attributes.

ALLNET GmbH. ALLNET Netprint XI binaries that you receive from ALLNET GmbH Computersysteme on physical media or within the download of the offered firmware that are. We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home.

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