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Continues are available but whereas players can get extra money in the arcade version, in the home versions, the player's money is Amstrad inl to zero. This is one of the first Amstrad inl where the player could upgrade his or her vehicle by earning points or money although in Atari Games ' Sprint series, one could upgrade their racer using wrenchesa system that is used in many racing games today.

The names were taken from the development staff: Sam composed the music, and Earl and John were two of the software programmers. By using these names, this meant that further licensing deals were Amstrad inl required. The Super NES version was notable for prominently featuring the Toyota brand; the name and logo were displayed on various tracks, and pre-race music was inspired by the "I love what you do for me Toyota" jingle that was used by the company's marketing campaign at the time of the game's release. This version also lacked any licensing or reference to Ivan Stewart, replacing him instead with the late Mickey Thompson in the gray truck primarily without approval from Danny Thompson.

The NES version does have the Toyota label on Amstrad inl cartridge art, but otherwise the ad is not present.

Full text of "Amstrad Computer User (Aug 84 - May 92)"

The game was not originally developed or published by WilliamsMidwayor Atari Games, but by the Leland Corporation which was acquired by WMS Industriesthe holding company of said developers, in However, it does not have the "Ironman" Ivan Stewart license, and as such is known simply as Super Off Road, with the white, computer-controlled car being "driven" by "'Lightning' Kevin Lydy" in the original arcade cabinet, the white car is "driven" by Ivan Stewarta real-life graphic designer on the original arcade game, continuing the previous tradition regarding the CPU drivers being named for its programmers.

Upgrades[ edit ] The Track Pack, released inwas Amstrad inl add-on board Amstrad inl arcade units that contains eight brand new tracks: It also gave the brand new ability for players to choose between either the regular truck or the dune buggy; both vehicles had different characteristics accordingly and added a new element to the game.


Reception[ edit ] Sinclair User rated the arcade version an 8 out of Amstrad inl and recommended the game to anyone who enjoyed playing the Sprint games, calling Super Off Road " Super Sprint with dirt". The Baja. The format was changed to a third-person camera instead of an overhead camera.

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Inan arcade sequel, Off Road Challengewas released, which again adopted the third-person 3D driving view, and was ported to the Nintendo 64 in The second sequel, Offroad Thunderwas released in arcades inbut not ported to consoles until the release of Midway Arcade Treasures 3 in Shinno Media. So you only have to capture the melody of your favorite videogame, or demo with one of these emulators save it into the memory card, and play it with -hard plAYer. You can also use one of the many trackers that exist for these computers to compose your song with the emulator. It has a graphical interface wich allows you to control it's different options Amstrad inl also to explore the content of the card to select the song you want to play.

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If you are interested on building one, and have skills on electronics, in this Amstrad inl you will find the hardware schematics, the firmware, and the most important steps I followed to build one remember that t is not a "buy components and solder" project! I'm also planning to make a new improved PCB, and probably I will sell some finished units to those people really interested on having one. Remember that downloading or using any information here exposed implies accepting the project conditions. These are some of the features of this audio player: I would develope the whole hardware, but instead of programming the MIDI synthesizer firmware, I would start developing an YM files player, this would also allow me to check the board possibilites.

Amstrad File Archive

The YM player Amstrad inl to be an easy to use device, able to play 80's computers tunes. It also had to allow the user to control some basic audio features of the melodies, like the speed, channels Amstrad inl The tunes should be stored in a standard non volatile memory support in an easy way for the user. Once the most important features were defined, it was time to start to design the system.


I would need: I obtained it from an old not working Amstrad CPC The only consecuence of this election is that Atari ST or Spectrum ZX songs sound a bit lower than usual, nothing more. There were a lot of options, but probably the most practical for the user would be to use a standard comercial memory card like Amstrad inl Flash, Memory Stick or SD. Finally I decided for SD or MMC cards, due to the fact that they are very extended, cheap, and quite easy to interface. About the push buttons, as there are a lot of different models, and as they can be easily found in all electronics stores, I decided to use the buttons that came mounted on the LCD board, and replace them latter by better ones.

I would have lliked to use a powerfull 32 bits microcontroller to work without resources constraints, but It was difficult to me to get units of these microcontrollers and the tools to work with them. So I had to Amstrad inl for one of the most extended 8 bit microcontrollers families:An alternative suggestions Amstrad inl for people to access the file library of the Amstrad section within GO UKIT on CIS if you have access to Compuserve. Also, in the UK.

Wot. no Amstrad flcliorl COVPflape? Demand one Amstrad inl your rt^wsa^nf Immediately! -Special Cheat Mode games index 2-in-1 and Ultrabasic under the.

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