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Similarly, the number of busses is restricted to eight, but these can be stereo, and as most people use them simply as Apple Logic Express returns, that shouldn't be too much of a limitation — I don't think I've ever used as many as eight yet.

The surround option has also been dropped, as has distributed audio processing. Perhaps this last Apple Logic Express is a mistake, as keeping it in might just have enabled Apple to sell a few more computers to use as processing nodes, but I don't think many Express users will miss it. Quicktime movies can still be run in sync within Logic Express, Apple Logic Express, so anyone wanting to experiment with sound for picture can do so very easily. In order to keep the education market enthused, Apple have left in the whole of the very serious scoring section from Logic Pro.

All the Logic Pro mix automation features are included, as is support for control surfaces, the only difference here being that Apple Logic Express Express can only support one 'bank' of control surface — so, while you can use a Mackie Control plus expanders configured as a single control surface, you can't have one working as a mixer and another dedicated to controlling soft synths. With Logic Pro 7.

Logic Express 9

Looking Around As a Logic Pro user, I found Express instantly familiar and it's only after you've been working with it for a few minutes that you realise anything is different. The first Apple Logic Express I clocked was that the transport window didn't have all the layout and resize options offered by Pro and it couldn't be turned into a giant SMPTE display. The second thing I noticed is that when I clicked to engage the Apple Logic Express EQ, it called up a more basic four-band equaliser with shelving high and low sections augmented by two swept mids. There's no spectrum analyser and no linear-phase EQ, either, but it's still a very good and flexible EQ section with a friendly graphical interface.

Logic Express no longer available? - Apple Community

Apple Logic Express other difference is actually an improvement: Logic Pro, by comparison, has switched to a seemingly endless list that is Apple Logic Express in the extreme to use. Although Logic Express lacks many of the 'big gun' plug-ins featured in Logic Pro, you can do a lot with the equivalents borrowed from Garage Band. These include guitar and bass amp modellers and the new Hybrid synths.

Another omission I found after wandering around the Environment is that there are no dedicated live input tracks for external synths as there are in Pro, and I could find no way to route external signals into the Aux channels. If you want to feed a live instrument into Logic Express, you need Apple Logic Express route it via a track input set to 'record ready' mode.

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There's no Project Manager, but you can Apple Logic Express save songs as Projects to keep everything in one folder, which is a great improvement to Logic 's workflow in my view. The most obvious missing items are the 'big gun' plug-ins that come with Logic Pro 7.


New samples can be added if they're in EXS24 format, but you can't create your own samples or import other sampler formats with this version. On top of that there's the full set of Garage Band instruments, and if you haven't tried these yet, I think you'll be surprised at how good they are. Though simple on the outside, they use the engines of the Logic Pro plug-ins, and the tonewheel organ sounds every bit as good as its big brother while being a lot easier to use. Apple Logic Express Stepper is also very versatile and the analogue synth models Apple Logic Express as warm and fat as they should be. The Garage Band instrument set includes a sampled piano plus some perfectly acceptable drum kit sounds, and with v7.

In all there are now almost 40 effects plug-ins, with reverbs going all the way up to Platinumverb the top of the tree before Space Designer came along and nearly 20 software instruments. Guitar and bass players will also find modelling guitar and bass amps in there, and though they aren't as fancy as ones in Logic Pro 7.

Logic Express 9 Macworld

To complete the package you Apple Logic Express get a vast library of Apple Loops over so there's really nothing else you need to get started making some very high-quality music other than an audio interface and a MIDI keyboard. With the update to 7. The page Exploring Logic Express book included with the program is a big help in this regard. And because they are, the unwary GarageBand user who has aspirations of Apple Logic Express things is likely to become frustrated.

Logic Express

Apple includes a disc that contains three large demo projects and another demo project is installed along with the application so you can glean an idea of how projects are put together. And the extensive online documentation that comes with Logic Express provides insight into every corner of the application. But there will be cases when those new to grown-up DAWs will have no idea what to look for. They may have a general idea Apple Logic Express what they want to do, but lack the terminology necessary to search for an answer. In an Apple Logic Express such as Logic Studio, aimed squarely at pros, online documentation is reasonable as the target user likely understands the underlying concepts and vocabulary and so can search for the answers they need.

For those acquiring Logic Express as a step-up from GarageBand, however, more hand-holding would be welcome.

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Logic Express has more and better effects the pitch-correction effect has already saved my vocal bacon in two different projects. And Logic Express works with control surfaces and MIDI controllers, allowing you to record and mix with knobs, faders, and buttons rather than with mouse and keyboard. In short, Logic Express feels and operates like a Apple Logic Express tool. But with that power comes complexity. Logic Express was a "light" version of Logic Pro, a MIDI sequencer and digital audio workstation software application maintained by Apple that runs on the Mac OS X platform. It was announced on January 15, for release in March Logic Pro and Express shared most functionality and the same interface.

Buying Apple Logic Express Express version of Apple's Logic will save you a cool £ over the full-blown Pro edition — and you'll still get a mighty powerful sequencer.


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