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For 7CCM per dwg Table 1 — Continental Oil Sumps A50 through O Likewise, often when an aircraft experienced a nose-over wreck, the oil sump was one of the lowest points on the front of the Arbor Em104-a5362 resulting in the sump being damaged or destroyed. Revision - 8 Jan 2, Written by John Propst Reviewed by Bill Pancake 2 All this is to say that when swapping an engine from one aircraft to another, the accessories, including the oil sump, approved for one aircraft may not be suitable for other aircraft. In the photo to the left Bill Pancake is holding an A oil sump used Arbor Em104-a5362 an Aeronca A engine in his right hand, and an oil sump used on a Cub with a similar A65 engine in his left hand. Note the difference in the length and position of the filler neck. It should also be noted that the Aeronca sump was made from much heavier steel and weighed considerably more than the Cub sump.


While there is a Continental 5 quart sump used on the C90 7EC and 7FC, the 6 quart sump from the O engine is often easier to find and commonly used with this conversion. Additional information related to oil sump capacity as it relates to aircraft Arbor Em104-a5362 capacity and horsepower can be found in the Civil Air Regulations CAR part 4, section CAR part 4 is referenced in the aircraft type certificate. Another issue related to oil sumps is that it is not easy to determine which sump is installed on your engine just by looking at it. The sump part number shown on table 1 is usually stamped on the face of the flange of the oil sump, as shown on the photo to the left. Therefore you can only see the part number when the sump is removed. If the sump is removed from your engine for any reason, be sure to record the part number for the oil sump.

Note that many of the 6 quart oil sumps do not have a part number stamped on the flange. The part number for the cap should be stamped on the dipstick portion of the cap. The document lists the part number of the oil gauge rod for various engine and aircraft applications. The Arbor Em104-a5362 also provide a listing of the sump part number. Many of the oil gauge rods for smaller engines are no longer available from TCM. This document is available on the Aeronca.

All sumps have the same drain plug part number and use gasket AN These gaskets are relatively inexpensive and it is highly recommended that they be replaced each time the plug is removed. There are two different part numbers listed in my manual in addition to an additional entry indicating that the oil sump Arbor Em104-a5362 not have a part number. The service letter listed above seems to be the best source for matching sumps and rods with engines and aircraft. The photo on the left shows a disassembled A dipstick for an A oil sump off of an Aeronca A65 engine. Note that the cap part number is stamped on the shaft of the dipstick. It is important that the cap fit tightly on the sump. If the gasket in the cap is worn or cracked it should be replaced. This is not a vented cap. The oil Arbor Em104-a5362 can be disassembled by pushing and rotating the dipstick portion into the cap.

Be sure to note how the cap comes apart so that you can reassemble it.

Sometimes the metal insert with the two ears that engage the neck needs to be adjusted Arbor Em104-a5362 assure the cap fits tight and cannot vibrate loose. Bill Pancake indicated that none of the Aeronca Champ and Chief engines used the cap with the leaf spring.

Isolated ISA (PC/) CAN interface schematic

Oil Sump Repair Often when an aircraft has a nose over incident, the engine airbox will be forced back into the oil sump. This will result in a creased dent in the tank, often accompanied by other dents from other objects. One practice sometimes used for removing dents both from oil sumps as well as motorcycle fuel tanks is the use of air pressure and heat. The photo on the next page displays Arbor Em104-a5362 of the fixtures that Bill has used in the past for removing unwanted dents and creases from oil sumps.

The pipe fittings are Arbor Em104-a5362 to screw into the oil sump drain plug opening. The rubber cork is sized to fit into the oil filler neck.

The cork is placed in the neck opening from the inside of the sump. The flange and gasket are fitted to the top Arbor Em104-a5362 on the oil sump.

HSPA-SI1400 Arbor Technology RF Modules HSUPA 3.75G module kit and wiring

The repair is made by applying air pressure to the sump while carefully applying heat to the dented Revision - 8 Jan 2, Written by Arbor Em104-a5362 Propst Reviewed by Bill Pancake 4 area. Bill indicated that the amount of air pressure varies depending upon the weight of the tank material. Arbor Em104-a5362

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As noted earlier, a tank for an Aeronca A65 engine is fabricated from much heavier steel than a similar Piper Arbor Em104-a5362 tank. In general, Bill indicated that he would use Arbor Em104-a5362 10 and 20 psig as a starting point. Fanless Design. Low Power PC/ CPU Module. Soldered Onboard AMD® Geode™ LX Processor. 18/bit TTL, and Analog RGB. Multi-expansion (2 x. E-mail: [email protected] ♢ Technical Support.

ATX motherboard / industrial / 4rd Generation Intel® Core - MB-i87Q0

Ema Form Factor. PC/ CPU module. Video. Analog RGB/ TTL LCD.


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