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Video captured at Kbps was nearly unwatchable.

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Material recorded at 1, Kbps looked okay, though we could see compression artifacts. At 2, Kbps we got very good results, though we could still discern compression effects.

Technical Specification

Audio was properly synchronized in all of our testing, and we were able to edit out commercials directly on the device thanks to Archos Portable Digital Video Player AV700 basic cropping tools. Recorded files are limited to 2GB each, but the AV will simply close the first file and start a new one if you go over the limit. One caveat, however: Because the Archos Portable Digital Video Player AV700 recognizes Macrovision copy protection, such as that found on Hollywood DVDs, any such content you record on the AV will play back only on the built-in screen, since the DRM disables the TV output.

Video playback supports AVI files up to by at 30 frames per second.

Archos AV series - Wikipedia

Handy options include variable-speed playback, repeat and shuffle modes, and bookmarking. The device ships with a very nice padded black nylon case, a full-featured remote, and the accessories mentioned above. Overall, however, this portable DVR is an excellent device for taking on car or plane trips, especially if you have access to lots of prerecorded digital video content. Archos Portable Digital Video Player AV700

And the Archos AV blows away the competition in other areas, such as audio recording. We are, however, eagerly anticipating the forthcoming Archos AVwhich provides the same functions as the AV, but in a smaller size.

More portable media player reviews: The AV case is made of brushed aluminum and forms a solid, rugged, dense box with a built-in LCD screen. Sometimes the specific format is referenced by combining the model name with the hard disk drive format, e. The AV has an optional triple-life battery pack.

An optional camera attachment digital minicam was available for the AV from late December to mid, when Archos discontinued its production. The minicam records video directly to the Archos' hard disk drive in Divx format. The camera is powered from the AV unit via its single video cable. We took the device on a Archos Portable Digital Video Player AV700 excursion, and in a rucksack with only the DC charger for company, it ended up with a number of scratches on the rear.

You should use the included case to keep the AV damage-free, but we felt odd doing so, like someone putting a shiny new mobile phone into one of those massive leather belt cases. The screen is now a wide The unit is also very thin at only 19mm thick, despite the fact that it holds a 40GB hard drive and the GB model is no thicker.


The size of the screen means that this device could even replace your portable DVD player, but as it's a low resolution, xpixels display, don't expect DVD-level picture quality. As the AV Archos Portable Digital Video Player AV700 to accomodate a 7-inch screen, you have to hold the mm unit with both hands. It also has a fold-out leg on the rear for setting it up on a desk or seat-back tray table. The front panel has small buttons that are used to navigate, and the back houses the rechargable battery pack. However, you can still use the device as a huge external hard drive and simply drag and drop media into the correct folders.

For the novices, Windows Media Player can scan your computer for all media and send it over to the right folders on the Archos automatically. More advanced users or those with an Apple Mac will be better off just selecting the 'Hard Drive' mode. We like the fact that you're offered an option in this respect, but as the player is set to 'Windows Media' mode by default, it takes a while to figure out what's going on if you're not a Media Player veteran. Our test machine, the Alienware Auroradidn't come with the software installed, so it simply refused Archos Portable Digital Video Player AV700 make friends.


The AV's menu-driven user interface is intuitive and,in terms of performance,the device cannot be seriously faulted either. Its big screen means that detail doesn't seem as apparent as,say,one of the smallerscreened Archos players. But it makes up for this with sheer scale! There's, alas,no Archos Portable Digital Video Player AV700 of tweaking display contrast or colour saturation and the viewing angle is quite restricted. The stereo speakers,on either side of the screen,work surprisingly well although most will use earphones. Compatible content is conveyed well,although the occasional lip-sync errors creep in with some video files. The AV's own recordings also look and sound surprisingly good,and are certainly far superior to those made with competing devices. The Bottom Line The Archos AV's huge size is both its strength and and its weakness.

It'll replace your portable DVD player, but it's not as. What's more, while the AV does a fine job of recording video from it's significantly larger than most portable video player (PVP) screens.


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