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Dell XPS One 2710 Intel RSTASUS ET2701INKI Overview

Also onboard is DTS Surround Sensation UltraPC ll audio technology, which delivers the most realistic, three-dimensional sensation of being completely surrounded by sound. However, if you then decide to switch back to something that was moved Asus All-in-one PCs ET2701INKI virtual memory, the computer will have to copy it back into main memory from the hard drive.


This "paging out" and "paging in" process can slow a computer down noticeably, and the less real memory you have, the more Asus All-in-one PCs ET2701INKI on virtual memory your computer will be and the slower it will run. Modern computer software is heavily reliant on memory, for example the minimum memory required for Windows Vista is megabytes half a gigabyte.


This won't leave much real memory available though, and your computer will be heavily reliant on virtual memory. You can avoid Asus All-in-one PCs ET2701INKI problem by installing more memory, at least a gigabyte is recommended for Vista Multi Core Traditionally, processors for PCs have been single core, meaning that the processor package contained a chip with a single processing device, known as a core, built into it.

As technology has improved, chip manufacturers have found ways of Asus All-in-one PCs ET2701INKI ever more processing elements onto a single silicon chip. This has led to the idea of multi core processors, where the processor chip contains 2 or more complete Asus All-in-one PCs ET2701INKI. With properly written software, a dual core processor can perform nearly twice as much work as a single core processor running at the same speed. Systems with at least 2 processor cores are becoming commonplace.

ASUS All-in-One PC ET2701INKI - Core i5 3450 3.1 GHz - 6 GB - 2 TB - LED 27"

Networking Almost all computers will support networking in one form or another. This can include wired ethernet, wireless networking or both. Accessing the internet will require networking.

Wireless networking equipment also often referred to as wi-fi will support some version of the You may also find Systems based on All versions of Nearly all drives can read CDs, and most can write "burn" them. Drives that can read and write DVDs are also common. Asus All-in-one PCs ET2701INKI computers come equipped with at least one optical drive, and usually have enough space to install 2 or more.

Newer high-end computers may come with a drive capable of reading Blu-Ray discs, the latest format for high definition movies. The capacitive point touch screen gives users precise fingertip control; giving them the ability to manipulate and navigate touch-optimized apps through Asus All-in-one PCs ET2701INKI pinch-zoom, swipe, scroll, or rotate gestures. Hidden Buttons Clean lines cleverly hide the marked function buttons.


And with a display and PC built into one chassis, it makes once cluttered desktop systems a thing of the past. Do away with complicated PC desktops of the past, this all-in-one is ready to start up right out of the box—free of messy wires or complicated installations. This all-in-one PC features the 3rd Asus All-in-one PCs ET2701INKI Intel Core processor for a truly responsive and HD-enhanced computing performance.

In addition, you can use it as a secondary display by connecting other PCs, laptops and tablet via its HDMI input port. As a result, the graphics performance is quite good, producing leading scores in 3DMark 11, scoring 6, points at Entry settings and 1, points Asus All-in-one PCs ET2701INKI Extreme settings. The Asus ETIGTH is a solid mid-range all-in-one desktop, with an excellent mix of processing hardware, high-resolution display, and a healthy mix of features and accessories.

Sporting a sleek modern design and using the latest PC technology, the ASUS ET All-in-One PC Series delivers an inspired mix of convenience and. ASUS All-in-One PC ETINKI - all-in-one - Core i5 GHz - 8 GB - 2 TB - LED 27" overview and full product specs on CNET.

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