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Showing 30 minutes of remaining runtime and then shutting down, as is common with laptops, will not be easily forgiven with the electric vehicle. The fuel gauge has the inherent drawback that it needs periodic calibration, also known as capacity re-learning.

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This is unfortunate, but is required to correct the tracking error that develops between the chemical and digital ASUS K42N Battery over many charge and discharge cycles. Calibration could be omitted if the battery received a full charge followed by a full discharge at Asus K42JZ Notebook Realtek SRS Audio constant current. This way, the battery would reset with each full cycle and the tracking error would be kept at less than one percent per cycle.

In real life, however, a Asus K42JZ Notebook Realtek SRS Audio K52L battery may be discharged for a few minutes with a load signature that is difficult to capture, then is partially recharged and stored with varying levels of self-discharge depending on temperature. These anomalies contribute to an unavoidable error. The true capacity of the battery begins to deviate from the fuel gauge readout and the battery needs to re-learn. The full discharge sets the discharge flag, and the subsequent recharge sets the charge flag.

By establishing these two markers, the Asus AB53 battery can calculate the state-of-charge by knowing the distance between the flags. Figure 1 illustrates the full-discharge and full-charge flags. Calibration occurs by applying a full charge, discharge and charge. This is done in the equipment or with a battery analyzer as part of Asus AB53 battery maintenance. How often does a battery need calibrating? The answer depends on the application. For practical purposes, a calibration should be done once every three months or after 40 partial cycles.

Srs Audio Device Asus: Magnet

If the portable device applies a periodic deep discharge on its own, no additional calibration will be needed. However, if the equipment had been in constant Asus AB53 battery power with no full-discharge interval for a period of a few months, then a deliberate discharge is recommended. This can be done in the equipment, with a charger featuring a discharge function or a battery analyzer. As usual, MacOS does this a little better; we measured from 4. With heavy use, the energy consumption was again higher in Windows at Apple's latest Asus K42JZ Notebook Realtek SRS Audio 13 performed at a very similar level in this test, with only minor differences.

ASUS K42N Notebook Drivers Download

Acer Aspire TimelineX TG battery In the smaller inch case there is only space for a lithium polymer battery with a 35 Wh capacity. In the inch model, in comparison, a 50 Wh battery is used. We will start with our standardized battery life tests running Boot Camp Windows: In the Battery Eater Reader's test, which represents the maximum battery life you can expect minimum screen brightness — level 2, wireless module Asus K42JZ Notebook Realtek SRS Audio, energy-saving profile, keyboard backlighting offthe laptop reached minutes, i.

This roughly matches the result of the predecessor from in this same test. Acer Aspire TimelineX AST battery The Air 13 from was somewhat more mobile with around 7 hours of battery life, but this is simply down to the larger battery more than anything else.


In the Classic test, so under stress and with all energy-hungry features activated, the battery lasts only 79 minutes. A more realistic surfing scenario in Windows with maximum display brightness gave a time of around minutes, i. So much for the statistics, but the central question will always be how well it runs in MacOS. In our improvised reading test repeated Asus K42JZ Notebook Realtek SRS Audio up of a text document via a web browser at intervals of a minute, with minimum display brightness — level 2 the MacBook Air 11 lasted a full minutes, which is a lead of around 2 hours compared to the Windows test, despite the active WLAN module.

Finally, it also lasted minutes in the realistic surfing mixture test with maximum screen brightness, which at four and a half hours is longer than in Windows. Asus K42JZ Notebook Realtek SRS Audio latest Air 13 also lasts almost half an hour longer online here, but the Core 2 Duo predecessor from trails behind 3. Verdict As far as Apple is concerned, the widely heralded ultrabooks are welcome to come, because Apple is already well equipped in this area.

Download Asus K42JZ Notebook Realtek SRS Audio Driver for Windows 7 (Sound Card). Asus K42JZ Notebook Realtek SRS Audio Driver for Windows 7 free download.

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