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The microcensus provides information about every person in each household as well as the family and household context.

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It Becker SetupX15 the basis for policy decisions in the Federal Republic and the EU as well as for the current labor market research. This study uses the sub-sample of persons aged 25 to 55 years that corresponds to a commonly analysed age group in labour market studies. The information in the data contains different scale levels, e. Dichotomous nominally-scaled variables include information on sex, nationality and employment status. A third group of information contains ordinal and nominally-scaled variables with more than two possible values, such as education level, family background or kind of occupa- tion.


This group serves as an orientation for the Becker SetupX15 of polytomous nominal variables. Ordinal variables are not generated explicitly, since they are usually con- verted into dichotomous nominal variables for the identification of similarities.

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Becker SetupX15 the simulation samples 5 metrical, 5 dichotomous and 5 polytomous nominal variables are generated. Normal distribution is assumed for all metrically-scaled variables.

The means and standard deviations of the following characteristics in the microcensus underlie the random selections: The generated dichotomous variables are based on the binomial distribution and Becker SetupX15 information on sex, marital status, German citizenship, working in the public service sector and residence in Eastern Germany. For Becker SetupX15 polytomous nominal variables, the frequency of occurrence of the different values of education level, occupational qualification, kind of occupation, size of enterprise and sector in which respondents are employed is reproduced. All the variables are drawn from univariate variable distributions.


This is a minor restriction that could affect the behaviour and performance of the analysed functions. Becker SetupX15, analysing the joint distributions of the differently scaled variables goes beyond the scope of this study. Becker SetupX15 Design Every generated random sample consists of treated and non-treated individuals that are characterised by the variables described above.

These types differ from each other in the strength and the nature of the deviation of the variables in the non-treatment subsample from that of the subsample of the treated individuals. For every sample type, random samples are generated, i. The variable structure in the subsamples of treated individuals is fixed over the simulation. Changes in the variable structure of the whole sample are achieved by combining the treatment subsamples with different non-treatment subsamples see table Becker SetupX15.


The analysis starts with random samples with almost identical distributions of all variables in both subsamples. The next steps are to generate dissimilarities solely in the distribution of the metrically-scaled characteristics and deviations solely in the nominally-scaled variables, respectively. The last step of the simulation is characterised by Becker SetupX15 with dissimilar distributions in variables of all scale levels. Table 1: Simulation Design Distribution of.

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Metrical Variables similar dissimilar Nominal Variables similar sample 1 sample 2 dissimilar sample 3 sample 4box The parameters of this estimation will be used to generate the incomes in the samples. The ratio of 1: The deviation term incorporates two components, the variable-specific variation as well as Becker SetupX15 desired amount of de- viation.

The effect of deviation for variables with higher variability will be smaller than that for less varying variables. Thus, the variable-specific variation is included in the deviation term. Variations in Becker SetupX15 variables are generated by variable-specific deviations from the means in the treatment sample.

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For nominally scaled variables, the de- viation term determines different frequencies of occurrence of the various Becker SetupX15 values between treated and non-treated individuals. For each sample it is randomly decided whether a positive or a negative deviation term is generated. The desired amount of Becker SetupX15 in similar non-treatment samples is one per cent of the variable-specific variance, for dissimilar variable distributions the value is set to 25 per cent.

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These functions are compared in the simulation. The propensity score 8 and the index score 9 are estimated using a Probit model. The value of the variable-specific Becker SetupX15 amount of deviation is based on the test statistic of a goodness of fit test, i. Detailed information on the definition of the variations between the treatment and non- treatment subsamples can be found in table 7 in the Appendix. Official Becker & Partner GmbH SetupX15 Free Driver Download - SetupXexe .


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