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G161 APL Axis Command Mode Off

In RepRapFirmware: The length and speed are set by the M command. RepRapFirmware supports this command for compatibility with Simplify3D. In other firmwares: If a DC extruder is present, turn that off. Else, retract the filament in the hope to prevent nozzle drooling. Set the temperature of the current extruder to o C and return control to the host immediately i. Duet-dc42 and other firmware also supports the optional ADVANCE AT-G161 parameter as generated by slic3r to specify which tool the command applies to. See also M This is deprecated because temperatures should be set using the G10 and T commands q. Deprecation is subject to discussion.

In Teacup Firmware, M can be additionally used to handle all devices using a temperature sensor. It supports the additional P parameter, which is a zero-based index into the list of sensors in config. For devices without a temp sensor, see M Request the temperature of the current extruder, the build base and the build chamber in degrees Celsius. The temperatures are returned to the host computer. For example, ADVANCE AT-G161 line ADVANCE AT-G161 to the host in response to this command can look like:. During a blocking heatup some firmware variants only report the temperature tuple for the heater that is currently in blocking heatup state.


Note that temperatures can be reported as integers or floats. There sadly are a lot of interpretations of how an M response should look like across firmware variants, making parsing them potentially tricky. Recent versions of RepRapFirmware also report the current and target temperatures of all active heaters. Additionally, parameter Rnn may be provided, where nn is the sequence number of the most recent G-code response that the client ADVANCE AT-G161 already received. Usage of these forms of M is deprecated, please use M instead. The first example turns on the default cooling fan at half speed.

The third one sets the second fan to a thermostatic fan for heaters 1 and 2 e. Mandatory parameter 'S' declares the PWM value M S0 turns the fan off.

M S0. If an S parameter is provided but no other parameter is present, then the speeds of the print cooling fans associated with the current tool will ADVANCE AT-G161 set see the F parameter in the M command.


If no tool is active then the speed of Fan 0 will be set. Either way, the speed is remembered so that it can be recalled using the R2 parameter see below. If ADVANCE AT-G161 S parameter is given but the R1 parameter is used, the fan speed when the print was last paused will be set. If the R2 parameter is used, then the speeds of the print cooling fans associated with the current tool will be set to the remembered value see above. The T and H parameters allow a fan to ADVANCE AT-G161 configured to operate in thermostatic mode, for example to use one of the fan channels to control the hot end fan. In this mode the fan will be fully on when the temperature of any of the heaters listed in the H parameter is at or above the trigger temperature set by the T parameter, and off otherwise. Thermostatic mode can be disabled using parameter H The B parameter sets the time for which the fan will be operated at full PWM when started from cold, to allow low fan speeds t be used.

A value of 0.

The L parameter defines the minimum PWM value that is ADVANCE AT-G161 with this fan. If a lower value is commanded that is not zero, it will be rounded up to this value.

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The X parameter defines the maximum PWM value ADVANCE AT-G161 is allowed for this fan. If a higher value is commanded, it will be rounded down to this value.

The I parameter causes the fan output signal to be inverted if its ADVANCE AT-G161 is greater than zero. This makes the cooling fan output suitable for feeding the PWM input of a 4-wire fan via a diode. If the parameter is present and zero, the output is not inverted. If the I parameter is negative then in RRF 1. Additionally to the above, Teacup Firmware uses M to control general devices. When turning on a temperature sensor equipped heater with M and M at the same time, temperature control will override the value given in ADVANCE AT-G161 quickly. Note well:Download the latest drivers for your Advance AT-G to keep your Computer up-to-date. Model, Advance AT-G, Advance AT-G Processor, Intel Atom ZG @ GHz 1 processor, 4 cores, Intel Atom ZG @ GHz 1 processor, 4.

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