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Драйвера HP Compaq nw8440 Base Model Mobile Workstation

The w and p non-workstation version replace the nw and nc, respectively. So take a look and see what we has to say about this powerful workhorse! Our review unit as configured: Build and Design The HP Compaq w is a business notebook, and as such consumers and corporations expect the highest quality of materials and the best designs for their money. The base of the laptop feels very firm, strong, and would definitely survive many bumps and bruises that other laptops might not. There is no flex in the keyboard, nor any other area on the HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile Workstation Essential deck. At that point I can push against the shell and it will bend in just a little bit. The outer shell of the screen casing is made of metal, but the inner screen bezel is plastic.

The w improved on the construction so that the bezel would not give when you pushed in towards the screen, but the bezel can still be pulled away somewhat. The laptop screen housing also could be twisted a little bit too much.

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Despite that aspect of the design, the laptop casing does do a good job of protecting the screen from damage. I could never produce any ripples in the screen by pushing on the back of the notebook, and I do believe that the housing is a little more resistant to damage from things HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile Workstation Essential the back of the screen than the previous design. Based on my experience with the nc, the w appears to have improved upon this aspect of protection and it will fare a little better than the previous generation did, but I would recommend users take care not to apply long term pressure to the back of the LCD. Finally, the w also features hard drive shock protection which will help to protect your hard drive in the event the laptop gets dropped or violently bumped.

However, I was never able to actually trigger this protection feature so there may still be some driver issues with the prototype. Finally, the appearance of the notebook truly does suit a professional environment.

Shades of gray and black dominate HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile Workstation Essential with sharp lines in the design, and at a first glace one realizes this notebook means business. The exterior of the notebook is a two-tone combination of jet black and gun metal gray. After opening up the laptop you see the same color scheme repeated, in which the keyboard deck is gray with a black keyboard and touchpad. HP also changed the media button layout to include a strip of touch sensitive buttons rather than physical ones, which mimics the design of the HP Pavilion laptops. Screen and Speakers The w comes equipped with a At x pixels, this high definition display is capable of displaying the finest details in workstation applications like CAD, 3dsMax, Maya, and more.

Paired with the BluRay optical drive in our review model, the display is also capable of playing high definition video content at i and p without the need for down-scaling the movie resolution. Front and Center view large image When viewing the screen up front and center, colors are vibrant and our high definition movie compliments of the BluRay drive is crisp and clear. Bottom view view large image Top view view large image As with most laptops, viewing angles are rather bad. Once you get significantly off the center plane, colors and clarity get washed out or too dark. However, this laptop does better than most screens I have seen. You can still see well enough at twenty or thirty degrees up and about ten degrees down.

After moving about sixty degrees to the left or right, colors started washing out but the screen was still useable all the way over to ninety degrees off center. I believe that part of the problem with the viewing angles is the screen itself. Below nits the screen is too HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile Workstation Essential and absolutely useless.

The speakers are a little above average, and do not sound tinny or HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile Workstation Essential to me. While I am not a great judge of speaker quality, these speakers sounded better to me than most laptops. At the highest volume settings were significantly loud enough to make me want to back away, but they were still clear and not distorted.

So how does this processor perform? When compared against the Merom T score of aboutwe can see how some of the newer technologies faster front side bus, our RAM configuration, etc contribute to more performance per clock. The T clock is only 1. Additionally, SuperPI is a useful tool to help evaluate how single threaded applications will run in a dual core environment as it forces the processor to calculate a lot of information but only on one core. HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile Workstation Essential you can see, the T can calculate 2 million digits of PI in one minute flat.


The hard drive that came with our w is a Seagate RPM GB hard drive which also uses Perpendicular Magnetic Recording to help speed up transfer rates and overall performance. As usual, I highlight that this benchmark is not an industry standard benchmark.

HP Compaq nw Mobile Workstation User Guides HP® Customer Support

It is highly dependent on the quality of your drivers and the software running in the background. This laptop scored 4. All the other scores were remarkably impressive. Vista was always fast and responsive, and the Aero interface was also similarly snappy. Multitasking a lot of things was a breeze as well and nothing slowed down by any measurable amount.


And this card certainly does smash a few records for High, Car Reflection Detail: Seriously, DX10 will be overrated until games designed solely for DX10 come out and we start getting games that are not horrible HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile Workstation Essential from other consoles. All maxed except for AA at 4x not 8x. Power-packed with high-end graphics and uncompromising system performance in a thin and light design, the HP Compaq nw Mobile Workstation allows. Manuals or user guides for your HP Compaq nw Mobile g: Essential.

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