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Nokia printed tablet phone NFC swage, new Lumia might dark soon about 9 min ago by wuiyang 0 extensions Posted on November 19, Build quality is very good even with the bottom panel that snaps into place. On the inside the keyboard feels solid in its tray with very little flex or movement. The palmrest also holds up well, although if you have adult-sized hands your palms are hanging over the HP Mini 210-1000EP Notebook Broadcom Bluetooth and almost resting on the desk surface. In short, it is a pretty solid netbook with all things considered.

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HP designed the Mini with a bottom panel that comes off using old-fashion finger power. Any upgrade can be performed in seconds, and is much less intimidating for even the most basic of users. This is useful in a number of ways, including properly displaying menu windows and reducing excessive horizontal or vertical scrolling.

Another added benefit is being able to watch P video, although it also relies on you having a Broadcom CrystalHD decoder card configured with the system. Without that card the system would be unable to play the content, let alone display it on the higher resolution panel at reasonable framerates. If you can read small text on a mobile phone, you should be able to view the screen without any problems. Color and contrast are very nice, although at times I felt reflections off the all-glass surface seemed to obscure part of the panel. Backlight levels were great for viewing the screen in bright office conditions, but outdoor viewing was out of the question. Viewing angles were average compared to other notebooks, with colors starting to invert or distort when the screen was tilted about 15 degrees forward or back.

Horizontal viewing angles were better, but the reflections seemed to obscure HP Mini 210-1000EP Notebook Broadcom Bluetooth panel past 45 to 50 degrees.

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The small speakers on the HP Mini HD are located on the front edge of the palmrest, angled downward towards your lap. On a flat desktop they easily filled up a small room with music but once you placed the netbook in your lap they became muffled and easily blocked by clothing. Provides support for Bluetooth (BT) +HS with the Broadcom BCM+ Combo Card, as long as the installed Broadcom HP Mini 210-1000EP Notebook Broadcom Bluetooth Driver  Missing: EP. The older version of the Broadcom wireless driver did not fix the problem.

Except it's my friend's HP Mini (SS) that I'm trying to solve this for him. I checked my other dell laptop and my wifes (which use Dell  How to enable bluetooth HP MINI - TU - HP Support.

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