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And the plans in this iconBIT STB330DVBT2 Media Player are long-playing - by the entire territory of Russia will be covered by digital broadcasting, after which analog broadcasting will be completely turned off. To date, there are not so many devices that allow working with the new format of digital broadcasting. IconBIT is a pioneer of its kind in this area - one of the few companies producing consoles that support the new DVB-T2 broadcast format. What for?


Why switch to digital broadcasting and even more to DVB-T2? There are several reasons, but the main one is the quality of the picture, but more on that later.

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There are other reasons - for the reception of "analog" is required that the transmitter was in direct view, and the "figure" can be taken in more severe conditions, for example, the signal can be reflected from a nearby building. In addition, 8 digital channels and 3 FM stations can fit into one analog channel. Yes, and the power required for transmitting numbers and analogs differ by orders of magnitude, and with the same transmitter power, the digit is transmitted over longer distances than the analog. However, at the moment the digit transmitters in Moscow are not working at full capacity, and therefore, with a large distance from the Ostankino television iconBIT STB330DVBT2 Media Player, the digital signal may not be available, while the analog signal will be available. But there is a significant point here - the digital signal has a trigger threshold, and analog television can be received even with a very small signal value.

But even the lack of a trigger threshold for analog television will not help it win the confrontation with the new digital television standard - because when the test broadcast ends, the transmitter power will be increased times - the coverage area will increase accordingly.

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IconBIT STB330DVBT2 Media Player now let's go back to the issue of DVB-T2 picture quality. As you know, there are no free HD channels in Russia yet, and there are few paid ones I have enough analogue. It is in the "but" that lies the whole point. After all, everyone saw the quality of the original DVD disc? And now I will try to explain why. I hope that everyone knows what the line in IconBIT STB330DVBT2 Media Player and if not, then you here. But, you should not forget that this is interlaced. But in DVB-T2 they are and, most importantly, they all carry unique information.

Go ahead. What is the aspect ratio of analog television? And the numbers?


In other words, the figure can be viewed iconBIT STB330DVBT2 Media Player the entire screen, both on a widescreen TV and on a regular one. And the analogue without distortion and deterioration in But that's not all.

In analog TV, all colors, sync and contrasts are placed in one signal. Because of this, they are compressed, and as a result we get fewer shades of colors and poorer clarity than in DVB-T2. Let's stay a little longer on this issue. A small number of lines with unique information and tight colors are not the only problems of analogue. There is also iconBIT STB330DVBT2 Media Player - retransmission. In some cases, this is the biggest problem. The essence of the problem - on the way from the transmitter to the transmitter, the analog signal is saturated with noise.

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