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If the fitted plug is supplied with the following code: How to be inserted into a 13A socket elsewhere. Specialized companies can be greater than 5A.

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To change a fuse in its place. Fit new fuse which should it should not be recycled and Lead free display promotes environmentally sound recovery and disposal of waste Philips 246EL2SB00 Monitor electrical and electronic equipment. About This Electronic User's Manual gives an overview of worldwide Philips Consumer Information Centers along with help desk phone numbers and information on your product. Customer Care and Warranty contains a list of information included, along with Philips 246EL2SB00 Monitor icon descriptions and other important In order to deliver the highest quality products. Furthermore, Philips sets even higher quality standards for certain types We use some of Because pixel and sub pixels defects of pixel defects. The user interface provides userfriendliness and ease-of the monitors directly through an on-screen instruction window.

Use the keys to adjust screen performance of -use when operating the monitor. For the swap monitor the warranty period remains Should you buy your monitor.

The task tray has five entries: Open User Manual file using the default browser window. No manufacturer can guarantee that all panels will be free from pixel defects, but Philips guarantees that any monitor with an unacceptable number of Philips 246EL2SB00 Monitor will be repaired or replaced under warranty.

Page 20 In order to qualify for repair or replacement due to pixel defects during the warranty period, a TFT LCD panel in a Philips flat panel monitor must have pixel or sub pixel defects exceeding the tolerances listed in the following tables. Page 23 Philips 246EL2SB00 Monitor Finish Note 1. This data is subject to change without notice. Resistor values with no multiplier may be indicated with either an "E" or an "R" e. Capacitor values may also use the value multiplier as the decimal point indication e.


Refer to the diversity tables for the correct values. The correct component values are listed in the Electrical Replacement Parts List.

Therefore, always check this list when there is any doubt. This sign normally Philips 246EL2SB00 Monitor a diameter of 6 mm, but if there is less space on a board also 3 mm is possible.

Computer hardware Philips User Manuals - Read online or download PDF

In case of doubt wether the board is lead-free or Philips 246EL2SB00 Monitor or with mixed technologiesyou can use the following method: For an overview of these profiles, visit the website You will find this and more technical information within the "Magazine", chapter "Workshop information". For additional questions please contact your local repair desk. Due to lead-free technology some rules have to be respected by the workshop during a repair: Use only lead-free soldering tin Philips SAC with order code If lead-free solder paste is required, please contact the manufacturer of your soldering equipment.


In general, use of solder paste within workshops should be avoided because paste is not easy to store and to handle. Use only adequate solder tools applicable for lead-free soldering tin. The solder tool must be able - To reach at least a solder-tip temperature of degree C. Do not set Philips 246EL2SB00 Monitor saver.

Page 6 of Philips Monitor Manuals

It will cause no display problem as above mentioned. Change timer setting of screen saver or disable screen aver.

You can install the information file. The installation procedure based on Windows 95 OEM Release 2, 98, Me and is specified as follows, in case of connecting the monitor to the PC compliant with VESA standard with the designated signal cable, the PC reads display pixels,frequency and color feature of this monitor to optimize the picture for the monitor automatically. This big EL2 Full Philips 246EL2SB00 Monitor display with Touch controls is ready to engage you in the gaming world. View the highlights and technical specifications of the LED monitor with Touch Control EL2SB/ Koninklijke Philips N.V., - All rights reserved.

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